Holistic Coaching

Unlock Your Self.
Unleash your purpose.

Create the life you envision by aligning every aspect of your life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Learn how to integrate evidence-based techniques, including Shadow Work, to find purpose, enhance your relationships, increase productivity, and discover your full potential.

*In person and remote sessions available.

*Singles and couples sessions available.

Quantum Energy Healing

Heal the energy within
and around your body

Ali integrates several healing traditions, from Reiki to Cranial Sacral to crystal healing, among others. Every session, every client, is unique.

*In person and remote sessions available.

*Singles and couples sessions available.

Integrative Healing

The ultimate experience for transforming your life

Combine Holistic Coaching and Quantum Energy Healing into one session. When we experience a blockage in our life, it’s reflected in our energy and in our body. Coaching helps us learn how to unlock ourselves from unhealthy patterns. Then, energy work helps heal blockages within and around our body.

*In person and remote sessions available.
*Singles and couples sessions available.

Pregnancy Massage

Body therapy for the hard working mama’s body, mind, and soul

A recent mom herself, Ali is excited to focus her massage skills on helping to support the expecting mama because, Mama, you deserve it!

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Integrating the wisdom of our ancestors, nature, science, and technology for the holistic healing of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual alignment

Merging single-system approaches for whole-system solutions

Community healing from within


Sophia Insight's mission is to create a ripple effect of holistic healing throughout the world.

Sophia means wisdom and represents the divine within each of us. We here at Sophia Insight believe that as people reconnect with the wisdom of their inner-guidance, learn to trust their insight, and integrate proven techniques to heal themselves, they will transform their life.

Your greatest gift to others is your holistic health. We help our loved ones best by beginning with ourselves. As each of us becomes more aligned with our life's purpose, we become more fulfilled. As we live fulfilling, healthy, authentic lives - we transform the people and communities around us. As we achieve our mission of holistic health with each client, together we create a ripple effect for a world that looks and feels a lot closer to what we know is possible.

“If we want to see real change in the world, we must become the medicine we seek to provide.” -Jonathan Ellerby, PhD

Meet Ali

"One of my greatest joys is witnessing someone begin to realize just how capable and powerful they are in being able to heal their heart, mind, body, and soul."

Founder & CEO

Ali founded Sophia Insight because she has seen a great need for more people to have access to integrative, holistic healing.

Holistic Health Practitioner

Ali is a certified holistic health practitioner, life coach, massage therapist, and quantum energy healing practitioner. She uses her intuition, training, and experience to provide sessions that are as unique as every individual.

Lifelong Student

Ali's lifelong quest for self-healing, self-love, and self-empowerment has led her to enjoying nearly 20 years of supporting others on their own journey.








Check back for our growing library of resources for your healing toolkit.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy? Despite my own training and experience, I find the answers to this question leaving even me confused.
Whether you're determined to create powerful changes in career, relationships, health, or any and all aspects of your life -- working with a coach can lead you to self-discoveries that can be truly transformational... if you allow it.

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