Our mission is to create a ripple effect
of holistic healing throughout the world.

Holistic means to consider every part of the whole.

Our whole Self can be perceived as four main parts: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

When we learn to integrate healing tools as a lifestyle for each of these aspects, the alignment with our purpose, our divinity, our authentic happiness begins.

Health is synonymous with alignment.

When any part of ourselves is not in alignment with another part, we feel anything other than happiness, peace, or love.

Our physical or emotional pain is information for us that we have veered away from our healthy center.

When our body, mind, emotions, and soul are in alignment with one another… we soar.

Sophia means wisdom.
She represents the divine within each of us.

Ali believes that as people reconnect with the wisdom of their inner-guidance, learn to trust their insight, and integrate proven techniques to heal themselves, they will transform their life.

Our greatest gift to others is our holistic health.

We help our loved ones best by beginning with ourselves.

As each of us becomes more aligned with our life’s purpose, we become more fulfilled.

As we live fulfilling, healthy, authentic lives – we transform the people and communities around us.

As we achieve our mission of holistic health with each client, together we create a ripple effect for a world that looks and feels a lot closer to what we know is possible.