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Whether you know that you are in need of a massage to address pain or stress, holistic massage therapy can also help you improve your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Holistic means to consider each part of the whole, and how each part affects another. Our whole Self can be perceived as four main parts: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual/energy.

Most of us are pretty familiar with massage. Holistic massage therapy differs by considering what is best needed for each client based on their whole Self.

Our bodies are constantly feeding us information about wellness in all aspects of our life. Every single part of our bodies, from the muscles to the bones to the joints to the organs, reflect a specific aspect of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual alignment. Learning to listen to our bodies can accelerate the healing/alignment in all aspects of our life.

True healing happens by addressing the root cause of a symptom. That is why we offer a combination of massage therapy with energy healing and Shadow Work Coaching. To learn more,  click here.

You can choose the service you prefer, or request that Ali use her training, experience, and intuition to integrate several modalities for your ultimate therapeutic experience. Simply let her know what your goals are, and together you will come up with a customized massage session for your holistic health.

Massage Types Offered

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Swedish
  3. Deep Tissue / Trigger Point Release
  4. Acupressure
  5. Foot Reflexology
  6. Integrative (combine 2 or more massage types)

*Massage Therapist: Ali Hartson, license MAT-17621

All prices are a flat fee
♥️  Gratuity and tax are NOT charged, nor accepted. ♥️

30 minutes, 1.5 hour, and 2 hour sessions available

There is a zero-tolerance policy for harassment.


1x month: $100

2x month: $90

1x week: $80

2x week: $70

What can I expect during my massage?

  • Your session time includes an intake assessment to determine your needs and a reflection assessment to help you integrate any possible tools for your health.
  • Arriving with plenty of time to park and arrive at the door a few minutes before your session helps to ensure that you receive your full massage.
  • New clients, please arrive 10 minutes early for new client paperwork.
  • For most massages, you can undress in private to your comfort level. You will get underneath a sheet on a massage table. The sheet will keep you covered appropriately during the massage for comfort and respect of your privacy.
  • If you prefer to remain fully clothed, that is perfectly okay.
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment.