Everything is energy, and energy heals

Quantum Physics is repeatedly showing that everything  is energy, and energy carries a vibrational frequency that can be measured.

Light is energy. Sound is energy. Brainwaves are energy. Heart beats are energy. Our entire bodies are energy. Even our emotions have a vibrational frequency.

This means that our words (sound), thoughts (brainwaves), and feelings (emotions) are energy.

YOU are energy.

we are more powerful than we realize

When we learn how to work with the powerful energy of all that we are, we become capable of healing ourselves. We become capable of miracles.

While our ancestors knew this, and many cultures around the world still do, many are now relearning this through quantum physics. 

Ali has always been fascinated with how science can provide objective evidence of subjective experiences. As quantum physics continues to expand our understanding of how everything operates, Ali continues to expand with it. She integrates evidence-based research into her personal healing, as well into practice with her clients.


Ali merges her training, experience, and intuition to provide tailored support and lifestyle-changing programs that are as unique as each individual.

She continues to learn from many great teachers from around the world to bring ancient and modern healing together.

Be sure to check back in periodically as Ali is constantly expanding the services she offers for your holistic wellness goals.

integrating techniques

Ali offers several options for healing because she sees the wisdom in everything. She knows that what works for one person may not work for another. 

She has also seen a great need to merge healing approaches in order to allow healing to be more accessible to more people.

integrating the self

We are all artists creating our life. The question is: Are you creating consciously or unconsciously?

Ali helps people discover how everything we consciously (and unconsciously) choose is energy that affects the health of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Our work here is to become Conscious Creators of our life, and then share the art that is our unique, magical, whole Self with our communities.

Let the Community healing begin from within.